Why can't you save a Matinee sequence?

I’ve been wondering about this for the project I’m working on.
How are cutscenes handled in UE4 if you cannot save a Matinee sequence? Are you supposed to create something in C++ to handle all that or just mod the whole engine? Doesn’t seem like a very practical option in my opinion.
Like, if you make an RPG or a story-driven game, you don’t want to make a cutscene “on the spot”. What if you want to make it run in another map?
Also, why can’t you spawn an instance of a mesh inside Matinee? It’s kinda pointless to have all the meshes participating in a cutscene be on the level all the time just so they can appear in such cutscene.

Might seem like I’m complaining about it, but it’s a big deal to me (and probably for other people, too).

I hope I’m just ignorant and I don’t know how these things work in UE4 or something because I think this should be a must…

Matinee sequences are saved inside a level, just like any other actor placed in a level, and can be found through the World Outliner. You can use this reference in blueprints, as well. There’s no need to write C++ and no need to mod the engine to use it.

Matinees are tied to the level (map) in which they are created. So they do not appear in the content browser, and cannot be exported to other maps. If you wanted to play a Matinee cutscene from one level while playing a totally different level, you’ll have to use UE4’s Level Streaming feature.

As far as I know, spawning an instance of a mesh inside a Matinee is not possible, as Matinee is designed to simply manipulate actors that already exist. The trick to this would be to already have the actors you wish to use inside your scene, and then manipulate them with the matinee. For example, say you wanted a character pawn in a cutscene, but that character isn’t available elsewhere in the map. What you’d do then is place that character pawn in a random, unused location of your map (say, really far away, or hidden by a nearby mesh). This way, the actor exists in your map before the Matinee cutscene happens, but is not seen by the player. Then you can simply move the actor’s transform in place, and the cutscene can occur as intended. When the cutscene ends, you can simply move the character back to it’s original, unseen location.

EDIT: Actually, spawning a mesh in Matinee is totally possible. Look into Matinee Event Tracks : Animating Characters and Objects in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

And doing that won’t hinder performance? Like, what if in that map I have a lot of cutscenes that use over 50 characters? I’m not sure if UE4 doesn’t render occluded actors.