Why can't you report rude/abusive answerhub posts?

Why can’t you report rude/abusive answerhub posts?

Do you have an example of such posts? I haven’t encountered any such posts within the last 3 years browsing these forums.

I do but because of its personal nature I’d want to report it to the relevant official person at epic that might do something about it, rather than publicise it.

I understand.

Unless the posts are obstructing your progress directly or are of threats of personal nature which could affect your livelihood, my two cents would be to just ignore and move on, the internet can be a crazy place. I think Epic wont bother either. If such posts were many in numbers we would’ve all noticed it by now. So I can assume that they are only a handful at which point they may not be worth your time or trouble.

Good luck.

I appreciate that, but they still need to be reported

You can report answers but not comments or replies:

thanks for that, but I have to say it’s pretty poor on epics behalf not to include a report function for comments

Is flagging comments necessary or just the entire question / answer. If something was flagged, someone from Epic would review the entire post and finding the bad post. Not sure having specific reporting on each comment is necessary…??


If you can only flag answers, then if a question is unanswered, I suppose it cant be flagged?

Hey all - we’re investigating this issue. The ability to flag comments and replies should be available to you.

Thanks for calling this out!

Rudeness, just like hate speech, it’s subjective. You shouldn’t be allowed to flag answers or posts only because you consider them “rude”.

I few days ago, I read all your posts until April, and except for one constructive critic, I was unable to find any “rude” or “abusive” answer. An example of such posts, would be extremely helpful and enlightening.

I’m sorry I don’t agree, there’s absolutely no need for it, and I’m not going to dignify the post by publicising it.

The one you feel was a constructive critic, just wasn’t, it was pointless, wholly unnecessary and childish, particularly to someone genuinely seeking help.

And if I feel its offensive, I should be able to flag it!

If someone doesn’t want to help answer a question, don’t help, don’t make someones day worse by adding childish comments!

People shouldn’t be able to have childish tantrums, block someones progress (just because you dont want to help) and then hide behind the internet lol.

Thanks for that Amanda

Of course!

And I’d like to clarify, if something is flagged/reported, that doesn’t automatically mean the comment will be removed. It means the post will be brought to our attention and we may or may not take action from there, as determined by our code of conduct/guidelines.

Sure, I wouldn’t expect any less!

its only the disrespectful posts that are naturally problematic.

thanks again Amanda