Why cant you make fortnite 32x?

Please can u make fortnite 32x because i cant upgrade it 64x because then i have to remove everything and i really want to play and i can only watch youtubers doing it and i want to experience it myself

If you’re still running on 32 bit, chances are, you wouldn’t be able to run it anyways. 64bit became pretty standard for hardware like 10 years ago…?

It is time for 64bits. I also thinkthey could not do it even if they wanted. There are 2 reasons. First is that i doubt there is 32 bit version of unreal engine, but that is my guessing. Second one is serious, i think 32bit os has limited memory for process and Fortnite uses way more than 32bit windows can handle.

32bit is limited to 4gb of ram for an application because 2^32=4,294,967,296/1024/1024=4096mb or 4gb.

The editor for UE4 is 64bit only, but you can build a 32 bit version of a project.

Going off Steam Hardware survey, about 98% of PC gamers using Windows are running the 64 bit version. Supporting Linux and OSX would priority over supporting 32 bit windows if your concern is size of potential player bases.

I have 16gb system, when running Fortnite all processes together use 45% on memory.
And fortnite with launcher just above 3gb.

On 4gb system it would all choke.

32 bİt create please ?İ???