Why cant you help us resolve slow download speeds?

I’ve been researching and looking for resolutions to this issue. My download speeds through Epic Games are slow as hell. I download and update Diablo 3 at 9-10Mbps easy mode. Epic Games the launcher itself downloaded kinda fast.

It is using the launcher to download Paragon and update Paragon. It literally sits at 0 for minutes and then will bump up to 300Kbps for a few moments if I am lucky. For a 40 MB update it takes about 30 minutes when anywhere else I download it takes less than 1 minute because I download no less than 1-2mbps.

My speeds are find and it is literally just Epic Games that gives me a terrible time downloading their games/updates.

The biggest issue now is that every post I find like this the support spits out the same lazy answer. “Go try these steps found here. And try these if those don’t work.” I don’t think they have read those steps because all they tell you to do is make sure you are not behind a proxy and if you arent try changing your DNS. If those dont work they want you to get your debug logs and post them…

Use your head. If the issue was with a proxy and DNS all of us would have this issue in other locations on our end as well, NOT just within the Epic Games launcher.

Classic lazy responses and they are even being jerks trying to tell people not to bump a thread until it’s 4 days old… 4 DAYS OLD!!! Holy **** you plan on not responding for 4 days? Total BS, I would expect that you would keep the good name of Epic Games rolling and respond within 24 hours MAX!! Especially sense all your going to say is “Try this and then try that if the first thing didnt work.”

WOW… How about you get your heads out and do the work your paid to do. Just like your other customers have said, I would expect a lot more from a game we paid you guys for.

If you had even an AA’s degree in any form of IT you would know to ask more questions and try to help resolve.

If you go look at your “resolved” history the majority of your resolved issues are because people dont come back and respond. So you mark it resolved and move on. Ever hear of a “band-aid fix” ? Thats all you do and you will not have people come back when you treat us all like we are stupid as ****.

Go get some tech support skills and try to help your customers out. Until then dont even try to help if all your going to do is post the same stupid response to everyone’s issue. AND TAKE 4 DAYS TO DO IT!!!

I guess he is asking when we download something from epic games launcher , it’s slow but the speed of any download from internet is very fast.
this heppens with me too. My download from internet (chrome, firefox) is around 6 mbps but from launcher it’s 2 mbps max ( or 3 sometimes).
In his case he gets 0 to 300 kbps max but orignaly it should be 8 to 9 mbps. I am having a bit similer issue so I will also be waiting for an answer (from staff).

I didn’t get your question here.

My download are quite slow too but I just run them while I’m not working… it’s called being organized.
First I think they may cap the download speed. What behavior do you expect when Epic release an update and thousands of user are trying to download 2-3GB each at the same time.
Also, most of slow network things comes from companies network going through VMs and proxies hell :D.

So what country you from, what your ISP and what your medium. The way internet works, cause might be in middle.

i usually download in background while working to save time and i guess TxMx’s speed , as he claims to be downloading paragon i guess would be slow too.

Hi TxMx,

I understand your frustration. For launcher related errors, please visit to help.epicgames.com. This site is dedicated to launcher related issues and have articles for our most common issues. If the articles do not contain an answer to the error you are seeing, please use the “Email Us” button and fill out the contact form. This will email the appropriate department to assist you further.