Why can't you get a string table like you can get a data table?

I can’t find a single blue Get node for String Tables, which seems a bit inconsistent and unfair to string tables considering Data Tables have several!

So to select a String Table, I have to use a green node and select a string from a table, and then get the table associated with that string, feed that into a new green node and then I can finally use the key selection method I want to in order to retrieve my final string. :frowning:

You just use the name of your string table as the Table Id, you don’t need to hack it around like that. Of course, you’re gonna have to rewrite those parameters if you rename your file, but you can avoid it by:

  • Using a constant global variable for it, use that at all places, so you will only need to change it once if you rename your file
  • Don’t rename your table :slight_smile:

That’s the same **** they try to pull with loading levels as well, and it’s absolutely INSANE to have that in 2020.


I mean, robust systems have relied on internal IDs for the last couple of decades now… it’s crazy to see it in a state of the art product like this.


I think I already tried to track the core of the problem, and if I remember right, String Tables are not BlueprintTypes at all. One day I’m gonna check it out and attempt to create utility functions with soft references instead of strings, I just have a feeling that they have a reason for making it like this (or maybe well, it’s just archaic / lazy :D).

Also, I don’t think Blueprints in Unreal are not state-of-the-art. They haven’t gotten much care in the past years, and it shows.