Why can't we have a set of Unreal Scripted pawns?

I would be much more motivated if you could all give us armatures a way to make single player game.

Not buying all the copyright stuff either, it’s Unreal engine, Unreal editor, so supply a set of “Unreal” pawns.

The whole thing is counterproductive to figure things out if you can’t extend beyond multiplayer.

Really bumming me out, this is like the 4th or 5th install in the past few years, and there is no reason for me to want to continue knowing that we can’t get past the point of making only multiplayer maps.

The whole thing stems from the fact that UT99 has Unreal built in, and-or using oldskool.

I managed to import one of my UT99 DM maps, using a one brush map just to get used to and learn the editor. But if I figure a lot of stuff out, it just don’t cut it to keep trying to learn.

Since I only know a little programing, the effort to do all this on my own is not practical, only to spend a year to get a functional pawn, game and so on.

thanks.(old Quake 1 player)

Oh well, good luck all, seems they are squeezing out UT99 and it’s base.

Be nice if maybe some tutorials that would compare actors from UT99 that do the same thing. I suppose you would have to program each one and is never placed in a level anymore, like counters, dispatchers, but no pawns for creature factories.
But being limited to code and multiplayer ,or else, pretty much just going to uninstall the whole thing, again.

Not sure if UDK can do the same, but by placing an actor, like a counter in UT99 I think would be more streamlined so you know where things are pertaining to actual sections in the map.

Oh well, good luck studying and learning.

Anyway, you can delete this since there was no replies



You’re welcome.

Please tell me you haven’t spent a year with UE4 and not found a single tutorial.

I really don’t understand what you mean by being limited to multiplayer???

I guess you wanted to post this in UT forums instead of here.

Indeed, there are a lot of tutorials out there that cover building content for UE4. If you wanted to make a basic shooter, this website has it totally covered: shootertutorial.com

There won’t be any tutorials that compare UT99 with UE4 - we’re four engine revisions and twenty years ahead now. It’s better to assume that the two are completely different engines; whilst some terminology has remained, they are largely fairly different under the hood.

Oh, hey hello all.

I guess the whole thing is that in order to make a singleplayer, as I do in UT99, or monsterhunt. Is that I would need to program the whole thing, learn textures, model ,and animation and code for special actors AND learn the editor.

Whereas if I were to do the whole thing if I was the boss of Epic or Sweany ?, the editor would be setup to place the original Unreal pawns, Unreal2 pawns. Have actors and blueprints all setup and just place things, and see what people end up making while getting people hooked on making maps.

As of now they cut 98% of the people out, I ran Maya once, did BASIC programing in the 80’s even a little assemble programing on my Atari 800XL. The only outlet was UT99, Quake1 had all these external programs you needed to link, Halflife was not helpful. which leaves UED, and now this is far beyond a one person thing to make anything worth it from the sheer massive amounts of skills you need to have.

Couple that with all this “cooked” anti theft and files you can’t use and a directory structure that is so overblown, file types for things just to protect you maps. It takes away huge amounts of people who would have otherwise just learned to map, and share files as in the past.Mass amounts of Ideas and creativity are lost trying to conform to a program, and copyrights, and windows file structure, pretty much stops the reason to learn and share.

If we had a set of actors and pawns, people would attempt to learn all the other stuff, the same way we did in UT99.

I don’t read tutorials until I get my bearings working in the editor first, I am not going to learn about what a cooked thing is, I still don’t get it.

You should be looking in to Unreal Tournament 4 as opposed to the Unreal Engine 4 editor. UT4 is the new UT game, based on UE4, which has its own editor for using the UT sandbox in the creation of levels, as opposed to creating something from scratch in UE4.

Well that still leaves only bots for multiplayer games, it would be so cool to make a MH map in this new editor.

Your first problem is that what you’re describing is making mods using an existing game, assets and tools, when Unreal Engine 4 is a game engine and does not contain a game (because why would it?). There are quite a few moddable games out there and I’m sure someone could point you in the direction of a good modern one for singleplayer games, possibly UE4, but more likely UE3 or even a different engine entirely.

You may not have realised, but the Unreal developer community is bigger than ever and it’s doing just fine - there’s a lot of who have learnt specific skills, and they often work with other people who have skills to compliment theirs. Games like ARK have their own individual modding communities that are quite active and you can find them on these forums. Every month there is a weekend game jam where people come together into teams of up to four, regardless of their skill levels, and make a game. The last one I joined must have had a few hundred participants.

This is the wrong attitude to take and probably explains your real frustration. The whole point of the tutorials is to familiarise you with the editor and how things work - if you’re unwilling to do the basic orientation for the parts of the editor you wish to currently work with, you’re going to struggle. The editor is massive and even someone like myself who has worked professionally with UE4 for over four years doesn’t know their way around large parts of it - not in part due to the fact it is being updated constantly. However, if there is something I need to do, my first port of call is always the documentation, example content and tutorials of which there is an awful lot of material to cover the basics of any aspect of the editor.

Making simple games is easier than it has ever been; you could build an Unreal style game without too much hassle if you used the free assets (e.g. Infinity Blade characters) and followed the tutorials / documentation for each aspect of the game in turn.

“Infinity Blade characters”
Hmm I will check that out, I work in reverse, I struggle to figure things out on my own. Then when I need to learn something I need I go look.

Trial and error, then when I do look for help it makes sense.

but I won’t learn all the texture technics unless I need a specific thing, the way I learned to make cube maps in UT2004. Or a few other things but not how to make every texture known to man.

Here you have to learn every aspect BEFORE you can even start.

If I could just make a box map, some hallways and incorporate some singleplayer goals, is all I want for now, but there is no pawns.

I do know UE4 is empty, however if I use UT4 it will trap me into using only bots. If I use UE4 with pawns, there will be no weapons.

There are tons of free assets on the market place and plenty more in the content examples / tutorials. That should give you a lot to work with - what you’ll need to learn is how to use the core of the editor (brushes and mesh placement, lights), and you’ll want to learn to script some basic AI (tutorials are available for this kind of thing).

Oh heck, I never clicked on the marketplace thinking it’s all , not free. Thanks