Why can't we build from source to an iOS device on windows?

So I am sure many have you have noticed that if you try to deploy to a device using an engine you have built from source on windows that it is not possible, what I am trying to understand is why? We can build an IPA and deploy just fine if we don’t build from source and how is building from source and running the resulting binary any different than running the binary directly from epic and deploying? Using a Mac is a big hit to my workflow just because it is so much slower than windows, and I would like to understand why it is needed.

To expand on my above question: what does epic have that we don’t that allows them to package a binary that can directly deploy to iOS without the use of a Mac? Because if I download 4.19.2 from epic I can build to iOS but if I build 4.19.2 myself I can’t.

From my point of view is easy to understand. Epic distributes precompiled engine. So. You dont need to compile again. But if you wat to compile any code, you need proper tools. Apple os (ios, Mac OS) = XCode, Windows = Visual studio. I think its really great effort to have precompiled engine for ios. If there will be better support from Apple for Windows, i think it will be possible.

And if you wat to make custom icons, loading screens or upload trailer to Apple store, you need Mac anyway… But this is Apple aproach…

Actually is same situation, if you want to compile game for Windows on Mac (XCode). But there is Visual studio for Mac :slight_smile: XCode only runs on Mac OS X

Yes I understand that but like I have a Mac, I have xcode, I have all of the source but there is still something missing. There must be something epic does to be able to distribute a version of editor that can directly build to iOS and I want to know how they do it and why we can’t do it ourselves…

I’m running into the same issue building from source with UE5 from GitHub - Did anyone get to the bottom of how to do this?

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