Why cant use viarable from another blueprint?

sorry for asking for help agian if has somthing i can help you just ask me

in mycharacter blueprint i want to call variable name “IsUse?” like in screenshot
i try connect object node to
“get player pawn” not working
try agian connect to
“get player controller” not working
and etc…

google and trying …
nothing working

thank for reply i will try this way my english is bad thank you verymuch

still not working

You can try to use to use Get All actors of Class, choose the ak47 blueprint from the actor class drop down, then get the first ak47 instance, then assign it to a local variable. This method only work if you are sure that there is only one ak47 instance at all time or it is alway the first one you need. For more method to communicate between blueprint, check this out:
My advice is that you create a object reference of ak47 blueprint inside your character blueprint, then reference that variable to the current ak47 instance currently using by your character.

What object you want to cast to ak47, do you have access to that object in MyCharacter blueprint. And also post more info what u want to do could help solve the stuff faster. Like you change your weapon, or pickup.

And also ak47 i suppose is a weapon, GetPlayerPawn will return the character you currently control as in you game it will be MyCharacter blueprint, and GetPlayerController will return the controller of MyCharacter, so yeah that won’t not connect for sure.

my point is i want to tell mycharacter if he have rifle so he can equip it
but now he dont care he has rifle or not he just equip rifle when i press input button like this screenshot
(all situlation is gone when i make this in mycharacter blueprint)

(on this screenshot when i press 1 button i equip rifle when i press i agian i unequip and destroy that rifle)

i really dont know english much but i can read and dont know c++
all i done in this blueprint 50% is from try to use all node that show when i drag(take like 3 year to do it TT)

i hope this screenshot can help each other who just learn like me too

if you have some clue for me please tell where i can read or how about to done this

i forget to tell somthing i already have inventory system that i can pick up and hold the rifle