Why can't see any propertys at PaperFlipBookComponent in Blueprint?

first, my English grammaring Skill is so Terrible. so i got Helped this from Dictionary and Google Translator, : (

so i Defined My Pawn and Add a UPaperFlipBookcomponent, also never forget to Subscribing Property Specifiers(a.k.a PS) like this

in hearder…

UPROPERTY(Category = Component, VisibleAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite,meta = (AllowPritvateAccess = "true"))
class UPaperFlipbookComponent* m_Sprite;

and cpp…

	m_CollisionBox = CreateDefaultSubobject<UCapsuleComponent>(TEXT("CollisionbBox"));
	RootComponent = m_CollisionBox;

	m_Sprite = CreateDefaultSubobject<class UPaperFlipbookComponent>(TEXT("CharacterSprite"));

so that’s codes are working compile is verry well but problem start here, i can never see this component’s Detail panels like this

at this screen shot i cant see only one Properties, so i forgot someone thing? i can’t find a answer about this problem

I subscribed same another working PS. but why do that this? it’s a incoherent.

thank for read this…