Why can't projectiles generate collision or overlap events against small sprites?

I have small 50px * 50px sized physics enabled sprites in my level, which have collision with the character and other actors, sprites, but the projectile does not collide with the sprites, nor generates overlap events. The projectile does however work with larger sized sprites, so it seems to me the projectile’s collision does not work when it “meets” small sprites.

EDIT: I dont think its a problem with the settings as the collision works with the larger scaled version of the sprite while it does not with the small version. Imo, scaling should not change or affect the collision settings, right?

Thanks, but I dont think thats the issue here.

The very same objects have collision when the object is scaled to large, but there is no collision when its size (its dimensions) is small. Scaling should not change the collision settings , right?

I tried custom and preset settings too, no changes. Curently blockall on both the projectile and the sprite I am trying to hit

It happens everytime

Thats is most likely not a Problem with the Projectile more a Problem of not setting the Collision Settings properly.

Heres some Blog Post to help you out since I can not without knowing your Settings etc.

Another Question than does it Happen 100% of the time that they are ignored? Or just sometimes?

Let me quickly setup a 2D Project and try out. Any steps I might want to take to reproduce as closly as yours?

Also a Question on the side. You did not accidently Offset your Sprite and if you Scale it uniformly it scales also into the Background by any Chance? So Bullets flys by

Tried to reproduce. No Success. Everything works fine =/

Well, I think nothing special in my project. I have a pawn with a sprite, a collision box, and a floating movement component, and it spawns a projectile, which is just another simple sprite, with a collision box, and a projectile movement component.

Then if I scale down for example the ledges form the example level, the projectile will ignore it, fly through it, but hit the regular size ledge behind it.

everything is at the same offset. I will check if the projectile is spawning with the correct transform.

Ok, problem solved, thanks for your help. Creating a fresh project solved the problem. No idea what was wrong…