Why can't my character move when I hit Play From Here?

I imported a large 16bit heightmap from TerreSculptor. But when I hit play from here, I cant see player or walk.
I have set playercapsule to bottom of terrain. Heres whats happening:


Hey Frequia,

Using Play From Here can sometime put player in an unusual position depending on where you click, often colliding with something or buried inside another mesh or terrain. If you just hit Play in toolbar and start from Player Start, does same thing happen? You may also need to check your World Setting and make sure you have correct Game Mode and Default Pawn Class selected.

I think terrain is to big. I took a 1204x1204 and it seems like it cant handle so large terrains.

That size isn’t anything engine can’t handle at all. You are either placing player start at an odd place or there is something else you are missing.

Edit: It’s probably not related to your issue i guess, but, that isn’t a good size to use for landscapes in UE4. Check out dimensions given in link below.

Yeah, Its abit large. I like big open-worlds (see Fallout 3), so I have to figure out a way to have big terrains without affecting performance. I found out that terrain was way under grid. Problem solved.
Thanks for link, will have a read :slight_smile: