Why can't my C + + class be used in a blueprint?

After compiling, debugging can also run. However, when creating a blueprint class to search for my own C + + class as the parent class, my C + + class cannot be found. Creating a blueprint function library and writing functions in it cannot be called by the blueprint. It’s like the cpp file I wrote doesn’t exist at all. But if I write some wrong code, the compilation will not pass.

I use UE4, which is the source code version of GitHub. Hot reload is checked.

I don’t know what the problem is.


In the beginning, I created a C + + class gameinsbase that inherited the gameinstance class to declare this function. Then I want to create a blueprint bpgameins class to inherit my gameinsbase class. I search all classes, but I can’t find the gameinsbase class I created myself. There is no change in the function. Does it mean that the gameinstance class must also be a static function?

2.如果是user widget衍生类,而又要在蓝图调整的,新建一个UserWidget控件,然后Reparent父类为你自己的这个C++类