Why can't move up/down a static mesh inside a Character blueprint?


I used a pawn blueprint to move a sphere up/down as illustrated in the picture below. It’s working well.

But, when I tried the same in a Character blueprint, the sphere can move forward/backward and right/left. It can’t move up and down. Does anybody know why?

What’s in the pic does not move the sphere, it moves the entire pawn - the sphere happens to be attached, so is the camera, which moves with it all. It’s also not set up all that well as we’re missing a colliding component at the root - although this may be intentional, of course.

The character has a different component setup and the character movement component keeps it stuck to the ground. You’d need to enter flying mode / jump to make it float. The character also has gravity, so it would try to land,

The question is:

  • are we floating some spheres
  • are we trying to make the character float

Try this with the character:



Try to get the Sphere (click and hold the left mouse button on the sphere, then press and hold control and move the reference over to the graph, now unclick the left mouse button) now connect it to the target node in the add movement input.
Hope it works.

You cannot add movement input to static meshes…

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Hello, @Everynone

Thanks a lot for the detailed answer which give more info than what I’ve asked.

I disabled Simulate Physics of the sphere as below. Is it correct?


I tried to make ‘can fly’ of ‘Character Movement’ checked, but it looks there is no difference between checked and unchecked. Could you help to show more details?


I tried your suggestion with Launch Character by using the blueprint below. It works nicely!
The sphere can fly wherever the forward vector is pointing.

It seems I can’t trigger ‘Launch Character’ from 3 directions(forward, right and up) simultaneously. If I connected all exec pins like below, only one direction can work.
Do you know why?

I combined all vectors with the blueprint below and it works.

Thanks a lot to @Everynone for providing ‘Launch Character’ as a solution.