Why Can't I use a Custom Event here?

Apparently, I don’t understand when / how I can use custom events. I have a custom event called “Start Clock” in a “clock” blueprint I’ve placed in my level.:

Then, in my “MyCharacter” blueprint I am attempting to fire off that “Start Clock” event as seen below:

This doesn’t work and I don’t understand why.

It should be noted that I KNOW the timer does fire when I hook it up to the “Event Begin Play” event. I also know that the input event in image #2 (to snap the football) works just fine as well. Just the communication from the MyCharacter BP and the Gameclock BP doesn’t seem to work.

That’s because your BP_GameClock variable points to nothing. What is this BP_GameClock? Is it HUD? Or an Actor placed in world?

If its an Actor placed in world then try this:
1: Select BP_GameClock
2: Open Level Blueprint
3: Right click on the graph and select **Create a Reference to BP_GameClock
**4: Then make a graph like this.

Hi ryanjon2040,

Thanks for the reply. BP Gameclock is an actor I’ve placed in the world. I think I may be misunderstanding something about how to reference this BP properly all together? See what I did is add a variable to the “MyCharacter” blueprint. Then, under variable type, I assigned it to the BP Gameclock actor I have placed in the world (see details panel below).


Is this NOT the proper way in which to bring a reference of another BP into another BP?

As Ryanjon said and as i said you in another post, to be able to interact with one specific actor in your level, you have to set this variable on event begin play with the reference of this particular actor.

Nope. Because its still an empty variable. You set the variable type but not the actual instance from the world. Variable type means that’s the object you want to reference. If you look at the graph that i posted above you can see that i assigned the variable from the world.