Why can't i show trigger volumes in editor?

I can’t get the editor to visualize trigger volumes. Even clicking “show all” in the volumes list under the show tab leaves trigger volumes unchecked. clicking the box for trigger volumes visualization does nothing. i can enable/disable visualization on every other volume type (except for the “procedural foliage volume” - which seems to also have the same problem). not sure what i’m missing here.

I’ve encountered the same problem several days ago on UE4.16.I solved it by clicking “use default” under the show tab, but don’t know what’s the reason. Now I updated to UE4.18 and the “trigger volumes” button is clickable now.
Hope to solve your problem!~

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Thx a tons! I’ve been trying to fix that issue for so long and yeah everything was checked on right… I guess that what triggered it in the first place was that I use the G key often to hide/show everything in the editor and one too many time it just hide them for good… idk why but at least use default resets all fine. Cheers!