Why can't I set trigger volume extent values in the Constructor Script?

This is such a frustrating problem. I have an object that has a cube which i’ve set it’s collision rules to overlapping. I did this because I wanted trigger volumes which were translucent that I could see in editor. Don’t get me started on the fact Unreal doesn’t have anything like that.

The goal here is I want to create “audio boxes”. The Audio Component, which is of the shape box should match identical the size of the trigger cube.

So anyway, I calculated that if I take the relative scale value of the cube, multiply that by 50, it gives an exact size for the extents of the audio component to perfectly cover the size of the cube.

Now since each cube in the world is not necessarily the same size, i’ve decided that in the constructor script to take this measurement, make an attenuation setting to over ride, and feed that into the Audio Component.

Fun thing is feeding any value from any variable it will always revert to the default value. For example if I try to feed the scale value into it, it will always return 1 (the default value of a cube). If I feed that value into an unrelated variable first, and then feed that variable into the node. I still always get 1.

BUT, if I directly tell it what value it should be in the node, it works.

What is going on here? Why isn’t this simple BP working?