Why can't i see the component added by construction script?

i’m learning blueprints in the contentExample project, and i find i can’t see the component even the construction script is success, why?alt text


no new added component? but i can see it in viewport!

Hello TG42,

It’s not added to the component list because it is treated as a child component. You can edit it as you would a normal component from the details panel while you have the “Add Billboard Component” node selected.

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how can i edit the add billboard component?

You have to do so from the Blueprint Editor. Select the “Add Billboard Component” node and the properties for that Billboard Component will appear in the details panel on the right side of the Blueprint Editor.

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I see, thank you very much!

You can’t see it this component in the details view because it is hidden by default.

You can turn off this feature in Editor Preferences : Blueprint Editor : Hide Construction Script Components in Details View.


Cool, but unusable, at least in 4.21. Component is shown in hierarchy list but is not editable. Also it doesn’t show any components added via C++ in OnConstruction function.

Did you find any solution to adding components on OnConstruction call in c++ ?