Why can't I see text mesages on mobile device (GearVR / Galaxy S8)?

That is a known issue with Multi-view enabled - disable it to see your debug messsages

When I package to Android ATSC (either debug or development) from our custom build of 4.16.3, I am unable to see any printed messages from Blueprints, nor do I see any of the standard stats displays when I try bringing them up from the mobile console on a Samsung Galaxy S8.

Is there a configuration or console value setting I’m missing that toggles this on device?

It doesn’t matter if I package with support for ES2 or ES31.

Our project is not using mobile HDR…in other words forward rendering with no post processing. Multi-view direct is enabled.

The main reason I want to see the messages is to verify I’m hitting target performance when multi-view is enabled.

I’m not sure if it’s possible in 4.16 but there is a new option in 4.18 in the same location called:

“Debug Canvas in Layer”

Which by the tool tip text indicates it creates a special layer for debug texts in the HMD. I’ve not tested that myself though yet… Not sure if you’re able to upgrade to 4.18 but at least worthwhile trying that setting to see if it works as expected in general?

4.18.2 Mobile Multi-View and Mobile Multi-View Direct are on And Debug Canvas in Layer is also on

I still don’t see any stat unit text :frowning: