Why can't I see my 2D sprites?

Whenever I launch to an Android device I don’t see any sprites that are usually visible when testing in the editor.

I looked at my logs and received this for each of my sprites, what am I missing that’s causing this?

LogTexture:Display: Building textures: twittericon3 (AutoETC1) LogTextureCompressor:Warning: Failed to find compressor for texture format ‘AutoETC1’. LogTexture:Warning: Failed to build AutoETC1 derived data for /Game/2DSideScrollerBP/Textures/twittericon3.twittericon3

Do u use the 2d sprites in umg for testing? If so I also had a bug where you have to make sure that images with materials in it have to be always on top of everything else.

For example z=5 and everything else 4 or less. Maybe this bug was only in my project.

I don’t think it has to do with that, it shows up fine on the editor.

Yeah for me too. But on Android S4 Shipping or Dev Package 4.91 it didnt except I put it on top z order.

But this might be unrelated to your sprite issue.

Edit: Ah I just saw your log error message now. Did you try setting another compression setting in the texture? Like UI or so?

I’ll give that a go and let you know what happens :slight_smile: