Why cant I see all the Oculus inputs in the blueprint?

I am trying to map all of the buttons and their axis (if they have one) to some variables that I am planning on using to animate the controllers. I want to do this for both the Oculus, Vive, and the Index. Obviously yes, action and axis mappings would work but I would like these input events to be in their own blueprint for cleanliness, again I’m only using these inputs for animation at this point. On to the issue at hand, when searching for the Oculus input mappings I am greeted with only a handful of inputs (and oddly all for the left hand) but in the axis and action mapping menu there are all of the inputs. So my question is how can I get all of the inputs that are available in the axis and action mapping into the blueprint input without setting them all up in the project settings bindings?

Below are some images of the differences between the two input menus.