Why cant I run my packaged game on a new computer without Visual Studio?

Hi there!
I have built a new computer use to deploy my game days ago,however,It cannt startuo with error code 0xc00007b.I tryed to reinstall .net framework(4.6.2), Visual C++ Redistributable and the graphic cards drivers,but still nothing changed.
Then I try to install Visual Studio 2019 to install some component to help me,Yeah,It works.But I still feel perplexed,which component is required? and can I just install some single thing without Visual Studio to let my game work,so I started to uninstall all the components.
A completely empty VS2019 without any,any component-I mean I couldnt even build a non empty project and cant create and files likes .h .cpp with the editor,can still let me run the game.
Why?What does an empty Visual Studio can provide?Why the game need it to run??