Why can't I package an example project?

  1. Launch UE4.10 -> Create an First Person blueprint example project with no starter content
  2. Go File\ Package Project\ Packaging settings -> Choose only Windows platform in a Supported platforms
  3. Go File\ Package Project\ Build Configuration -> Choose shipping
  4. Go File\ Package Project\ Windows -> Windows x64 -> Create a new folder on a desktop
  5. After packaging complete successful go to desktop and open an exe file (default name “MyProject”) in a created folder.

Result: Exe file do not open (loading forever). Can’t close it with ctrl+alt+del (only reboot).

I have my own project (no starter content, blueprints). When I going to package it, I get same problem with an endless loading. Just wondering is it my fault or this is an engine 4.10 bug? (I had packaging my project once on 4.9.2 and it was fine)

How could I fix it?