Why can't I open AVI from version 4.10 only?

I can’t open avi which is exported from version 4.10’s maintinee capture movie?
But I can open avi which is exported from version 4.9
I set 24 fps , resolution 1920X1080

Can anyone help me?pls~~~

thanks a lot

I was having the same issue. Here is how I got around it. As you know Matinee renders out each frame by playing through the animation you created in a new window, and then just stays on to record game play after the animation completes. It will ten continue to do so until you take action.

During this time a dialog box will pop up and say ‘Capturing Video’ and it will also continue on after the animation plays. DO NOT click the ‘Stop Capture’ button this seems to corrupt the file or cause the video to be encoded incorrectly. Instead simply go to your task bar, right click on the capture screen, and click close. For some reason this will encode the file correctly and it will play as expected in the video player of your choice. Bizarre bug.

Hey mynameisamek,

Thank you for reporting your findings and for providing your workaround. I was able to test this is 4.10.2 and can confirm that using the ‘Stop Capture’ option will corrupt the video being captured by ‘Matinee’.

With that said, I ran the same test in 4.11 preview 5 and the issue no longer occurs. There were quite a few improvements made to Matinee within the preview release which included the fix for this issue.