Why cant i make a static mesh a child of blueprint in the outliner ?

I actually had to make an extra StaticMesh slot within the blueprint, add it to it and adjust the position in order for it to fallow the blueprint’s instance.

This time the blueprint instance is a Drawer and the StaticMeshes are some objects inside the drawer.

I want to open the drawer and the objects to fallow it, not staying floating in the air.

Is there a way to do it ?

******* **** ! please delete it someone ! I need an answer to my question and this ************ is ruing the thread !

You don’t need extra slot. Just attach created static mesh via “Attach Actor to Actor”

But it wont let me attach it, I can attach other blueprints to bluprint, and static meshes to static meshes, but no static mesh to blueprint, i have no idea why, Try it yourself :expressionless:

Hi Sahkan,

Can you have a look at the log? There are several reasons why attachment might fail, and they should all print out a message in the log. My guess is that you’re trying to attach a static mesh actor with Mobility=Static to a Blueprint with Mobility != Static, and it won’t let you. If you change the mobility of the static mesh actor, it should work fine.

Michael Noland

OMG That was it hehe Thank you very much XD