Why can't I make a camera, point it where I want it to look, and then just set that as my main camera for the scene?

I need a single camera that just points down from the sky. I don’t have/need/want a player or player controller. For all intents and purposes, I just want to watch the grass grow without moving, ever. This is ridiculously hard.

I have followed all the tutorial I can find about using the Begin Play Event and connecting it to the Set View Target With Blend and using Get Player Controller. No matter what I do, my camera changes rotation to where all I can see is sky. I’m assuming it is taking that rotation from the Player Controller somehow.

Any help would be appreciated. EPIC, please make this simple thing simple in the future.

You can do that. Drag a Camera Actor to the scene and position it however you want. Then in Level Blueprint get the reference (select Camera in viewport and right click in Level Blueprint to get reference) to Camera and set it as view target for player controller. In any case, if you want an example I made one in 4.11 and you can download it.


Thanks for the answer, but again this is reliant on the PlayerController. My camera has nothing to do with my player, and this is, in my opinion, an unnecessarily complicated way to have a simple static camera. The only way I could finally make this work was to wire it up and change the rotation of my character so it is always technically looking down. Singe my character mesh is a simple, static mesh, that seems to work.