Why cant I get RVO to work on Vehicles?

Hello, I seen that Unreal can now use RVO with vehicle components. I’m currently writing my own vehicle AI and everything is going well except for some avoidance with each other. My system uses the simple wheeled component and the Find Path node to generate points for the AI to steer towards and sets throttle and brake accordingly. I’m using line traces to avoid obstacle that are not in the navmesh for some more dynamic movement. This works for say a sudden fallen tree, but against other AI its off putting and they tend to get stuck against each other. Ive seen videos of people using vehicle RVO, but I cant seem to get mine to work. Ive tried changing the parent of my controller to detour crowd and activating RVO in my pawn settings but I see no change. I was wondering if this is because I am manually setting my throttle and steering with the Find Path. This seems like the simplest method for getting them spread apart. Other options like formations and such Ive attempted and stopped because it was getting to complex for simple RTS enemies.