Why can't I get my game below 15MB (It's 48MB but my Content is 1.98MB)

I’ve followed the documentation to a T. I’ve disabled plugins, unchecked lighting, specified maps, don’t include engine content in my build, ect.

But my game packages out to be 48MB and takes up more than that once it’s been installed. I’m aware that by changing from Development to Shipping I’ll be removing about “13%” of my package size but I’m just building a 2D game with very basic pixel art. Why is my game so large? I’m not new to 2D and in my experience 12MB is what I ended up with in a full polished game with music, sound effects, 48+ pixel characters with several animations, full HD menu backgrounds, a couple of fonts, ect.

This is barely more than a prototype. I’ve got a single texture that I’ve turned into a sprite. That’s my content. What’s going on?

Edit: Installed size is 152MB and that’s using the Android (ATC) build out (which I believe means that I’m only packaging and including ATC Textures). I’m currently packaging out a Nativized version of my game. Took ages as expected (JUST finished humorously enough) and when it installs, assuming it doesn’t crash somehow, I’ll see what changing it to a nativized non-OBB apk does. If the nativization doesn’t crash it I’m pretty sure the huge file size might. But I figure if the Match 3 project could fit into a .Apk I’ll be fine.

Edit 2: 164MB Installed, Package size increased by about 2MB as well.

Well… the engine is added to your apk.

For Android UE4 engine library is ~80 mb in size…
A zipped version, makes it ~25 mb

Check out 4.16 :smiley: