Why can't I get a controller working?

Hey guys, I can’t for the LIFE of me get my controllers to work at all in UE4 anymore. I normally use a PS4 controller in other games using DS4 as an interface, but I cannot get UE4 to play with the controller. Any suggestions?

DS4 is not compatible with XInput (Xbox controller input system) which default library used in UE4, but it is compatible with standard USB Input HID driver, Windows supports input from it but XInput itself don’t support those controllers. Sony of corse do that to make DS4 independent from MS influence, as XInput expect controller to have specific input specification.

UE4 supports standard windows input system with “Windows RawInput” plugin that is disabled by default, you can enable it and it should work with DS4, but Windows input system does not support anything other then axis and buttons, there no rumble, touchpad (but you can see it click) and lightbar, with last 2 even Xinput don’t support. You might also have more luck with “Steam Controller Plugin” (also disabled by default) as it also seem to work with DS4, but i don’t know exact capabilities of it and by using it you game becomes dependent on steam same as using Steam VR.

Also keep in mind that DS3 (which don’t even work with windows input due to propitiatory init command… but it work on Linux ;p) and well as DS4 users on PC are already used of using 3rd party drivers and Xinput wrappers like x360ce, to make PS controllers to work on any game.

Hi! Sorry for this comment after so long but I don’t know how to do.

I’ve made my UE4 game for PC and published on steam and I used a PC partition on a MAC playing with a PS4 controller. On UE4 I’ve configurated the gamepad and keyboard controller options. When I’ve launched it and played on Steam the PS4 gamepad works for me. Do it will work for the rest of the users? Can they use gamepads? Or Do I have to configurate something else?


I have a mbp running os 11.6. UE5 - 5.0.0-16682836+++UE5+Release-5.0-EarlyAccess. “windowsrawinput” is working with my dualshock 4.