Why can't i declare a FTimerHandle type variable in the header ?

I can only do so inside a function and i need it global so i can stop the timer from within it’s loops. I’v tried to include TimerManager.h but it didn’t help.
It saying:

Error 1 error : In Enemy_Character: Unrecognized type ‘FTimerHandle’ C:\OldSchoolNightmare\Source\OldSchoolNightmare\Enemy_Character.h 53 1 OldSchoolNightmare



I suppose you’re using it with UPROPERTY. Omit this macro and it should work just fine.

I’v tried that too, didn’t work :\

Are you missing the right include statement?

#include Runtime/Engine/Public/TimerManager.h

That was probably the problem ( I used “#include TimerManager.h” ), Thanks :slight_smile:

Nice :smiley:

The best way to know which headers to include is to check the API reference. For example for FTimerHandle, at the bottom you will find the file you need to include.

Holy **** didn’t know that lol thanks :slight_smile:

The API is sometimes like a holy grail :smiley: