Why can't I create a variable of type CableActor?

I am trying to create a grappling hook attached to the player. I tried to use a CableComponent by adding one to the character blueprint, and it works, but whenever the editor is shut down and reopened, the CableComponent disappears and I get an error saying that it can’t find the object. I thought maybe it was a problem with attaching it to a character, so I thought I’d create a CableActor in the level and then set the ends in the blueprint. To this end, I created a variable in the character blueprint of type CableActor. Whenever I shut down the editor and reopen it, the type of the variable gets changed to Object. What gives?

Update: I can’t even put in a SpawnActor node to spawn a Cable Actor. When I reopen the project, I get the same errors:
/Game/Character/BP_RobotPlatformerCharacter : Can’t find file for asset. /Script/CableComponent
Failed to load /Script/CableComponent.CableActor Referenced by K2Node_SpawnActorFromClass_0

Not sure how I missed this when I first searched, but this is the answer: