Why can't I confirm or edit compiled source code on Xcode or Eclipce?

I have troubles . The troubles is what I cant confirm or edit Objective-C or C++ code on Xcode or java code on Eclipse.

First, I want to edit source code on Xcode but as show below, I cant edit them on Xcode. Why?
What can I do to confirn and edit them on Xcode?

In addition, When I confirm and edit source code on Eclipse similarly, in UE4 , I cant export eclipse projects from UE4.
I want to confirm and edit source code in Eclipse.
What can I do to export eclipse project from UE4 and confirm the compiled source code in eclipse?

Please tell me , how to do them.

I have Eclipce and My OS is Windows 8.1.
Eclipce was not one of the two specified programs to use with UE4.
In “File” tab on UE4 tool bar, it may say “Open in Visual studio” or “Open in Xcode”. Report what you get. I have been asked to help you with this issue, if I can.

Usually in XCode, a red file in the browser suggests that file is missing. Are you sure you have them on the machine and are in the right locations etc? If so then you might just want to remove the current references and then re-import them.

I’ve not used Eclipse in a long time, and never with UE4, so I can’t really help you there