Why can't I change my camera's position?

I’m working on a 2D Sidescroller, and I wish for the camera to be closer to the player, yet in the blueprint for the player upon changing the position of the camera and camera boom to be closer to the player, there is no difference in length between the camera and the player while actually playing.

Any particular reason why?

are you changing the length or location of the camera boom (aka spring arm)? you want to be changing the length

ah, but where am I to do this?
Do I do it in the transform section of the boom, or the camera? do I even transform it at all?
I’ve just been taking the camera boom (attached to the camera) and moving it closer to the pawn.

With the camera boom selected the option will be in the details panel, i think its called spring arm length but im not 100% sure as im not at my computer.

well, I found the option, it’s default set to 500, and if I lower it, the length between the camera’s position/boom’s length and the player does decrease as I wanted, but it doesn’t actually change the view when playing, even after compiling and saving it.

Wait, so you want to change the length of the spring arm at runtime? Why?