Why can't I call "Restart Game" function in Game Mode Blueprint?

Help me understand something…

If I cast to the default game mode, I can call the “Restart Game” function and it’ll work as expected.

HOWEVER, if I cast to a game mode I created, I CANNOT call the “Restart Game” function (it won’t allow me to wire from “As First Person Game Mode” to the “Target” of the “Restart Game” function).

Why not? I thought the function “Restart Game” was built into the Game Mode blueprint?

What toottip say when you hover over link on the pin?

Can you search for the Restart Game function by dragging out the blue pin from your custom GameMode cast?

If I drag out of “As First Person Game Mode,” then the contextual “Restart Game” function is not available. I have to uncheck the context sensitive checkbox for the “Restart Game” function to show…and if I get it to show, I cannot plug into the “Target” on that node from the “As First Person Game Mode” output of the Game Mode cast node.

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Is the parent class of your custom GM a Game Mode or a Game Mode Base? The latter doesn’t have the Restart Game function as it’s a more bare bones version of the former; which has some additional functionality like the Restart Game function you’re after.

You helped me pinpoint the answer, duderseb! My Game Mode was based off “Game Mode Base” instead of just “Game Mode.”

Glad to hear! Mark the response as Answer to help others find it :slight_smile: