Why can't I break destructible meshes?

The way I did is as follows.
First,I created a destructible mesh from a StaticMesh with default parameters,then I dragged and dropped it from Content Browser to a level.As a result,no matter what I did to it,it was unchanged.
So how can I break destructible meshes?
Many thanks!


Did you fracture the mesh and check the collisions and physics?
Here’s a link to a great totorial on how to make destructible meshes:

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I have made a Destructible mesh that breaks into pieces when you drop it on the floor, however i want to use Blueprints to say “When you press KEY E, then Explode the mesh” I have tried it however i mis undestood the “destroy” command in Blueprints lol it literally just makes it disapear lol

Hi James,

What you’ll want to do is setup your Destruction mesh and make sure that the damage parameters are setup for it to destroy.

Off the top of my head the following should get you going with what you want.

Next you’ll want to create a blueprint with this object. Uncheck the settings for Simulate Physics and start awake in the Components Tab. Next you’ll go over to the Event Graph and you’ll want to setup your key that will enable the destruction. Now drag your Component variable for the destruction mesh into the Event Graph and choose the “Get” option. Drag a pin off that and find the “Set Simulate Physics” node. Plug this into the key you want. Make sure on the Simulate Physics Node that the SImulate box is checked to make it true.

I think this should be enough to get your going. If you have any issues feel free to post and I’ll offer some tips. :slight_smile:


No this video just does not help. I have the same issue!! I have a DM fractured like i want.
Now when i “Set Simulate Physics” and then “Apply Damage” on it, it simple does not break!!

Try this, Unreal Engine 5 - Chaos Destruction Basics | Tutorial - YouTube