Why can't cable components be loaded in specific projects?

In one project I have Blueprints that contain Cable Components. The minimal example looks like this: I have a BP_Cable Blueprint with a Cable component attached.

I have a BP_CableUser Blueprint, which has a Variable of the BP_Cable, and accesses the Cable Component to print a string.

This works, until I restart the project. Then, the Cable Component can’t be loaded, it disappears in the BP_Cable and thus BP_CableUser does not compile anymore.

Here is the message log, with a bunch of failed loads for Cable Components (which are from other Blueprints, but the issue is the same):

Here is the BP_Cable after the restart:

And also BP_CableUser after the restart:

I can only do this in this one project though, I could not reproduce it in a new Unreal Project. I have no idea, why this might be.

I don’t know the answer, but there is a workaround:

In your Engine folder structure go to Engine/Plugins/Runtime/CableComponent and open the CableComponent.uplugin file. Change the line "LoadingPhase" : "Default" to "LoadignPhase" : "PreDefault". Afterwards the Cable components are correctly loaded.

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Setting the CableComponent plugin to initialise PreDefault solved the problem for us.