Why cannot traces hit spline generated meshes?

I know that you can’t use traces to get a hit result on spline generated meshes. I tried all kinds of things before testing it out with a static mesh of the same one spawned by the spline. Traces of course work with the SM.

Why can’t traces work for spline meshes?

Did you turn the collision on? It’s off by default for Spline Meshes. I know that Get Hit Under Cursor works fine, can’t recall if anything else does but I can’t see why it wouldn’t.

edit: it works, you’re probably missing collision.

Everything I’ve read so far confirms that spline generated meshes do not generate hit results, I asked in Unreal Slackers and went through several checks, the static meshes have collision (block all), when spawning the mesh, collision is enabled (just as a precaution). I’ve tried using trace complex, I’ve changed collision type to simple, simple and complex, simple as complex, complex as simple and nothing I do returns a hit from a trace.

For clarity, it’s a cave (one of Luos asset pack ones)

Yeah, I just placed a spline mesh component manually and sure it does work.

But after creating them procedurally, this seems to break. I’ll post again if I figure it out. Sorry for getting your hopes up prematurely.

No, thats fine. I appreciate the attempt. I’m thinking at least in blueprints it’s a non starter.

Use simple collision as complex (very bottom) seems to do the trick:

Image from Gyazo

Do tell if it behaves like you expect.

I’m really sorry, I missed out a key fact in my description which I think is the reason for the failed hit. This isn’t during runtime, it’s during design. I’m attempting to spawn objects at the hit location, in this case the roof. I’m guessing that the procedurally generated mesh doesn’t technically exist until runtime?

Oh, yeah that changes a lot. I’m no expert on this but I don’t think that’s going to work. I think it has more to do with collision not being active outside of PIE. Drop this question in the forum (if you haven’t done so already). Maybe there’s something trivial, a workaround or a plugin even.