Why can'i open an issue on github?

Hi everyone,

I can’t open an issue on github. I’ve come across these links but none of them is what i’m looking for


What if i want to report something other than a bug? Maybe suggesting a change that will imrove code quality etc.
Should i make a pull request in these kind of situations, is there a way i can open an issue?

For instance, unused local variables.

void UAnimStateNode::AllocateDefaultPins()
	UEdGraphPin* Inputs = CreatePin(EGPD_Input, TEXT("Transition"), TEXT(""), NULL, false, false, TEXT("In"));
	UEdGraphPin* Outputs = CreatePin(EGPD_Output, TEXT("Transition"), TEXT(""), NULL, false, false, TEXT("Out"));

or this one, FoundInputs variable is unused.

int32 USoundCueGraphNode_Base::GetInputCount() const
	int32 InputCount = 0;

	for (int32 PinIndex = 0, FoundInputs = 0; PinIndex < Pins.Num(); PinIndex++)
		if (Pins[PinIndex]->Direction == EGPD_Input)

	return InputCount;

or this piece of code which rests in SGraphPanel::OnPaint

const SNodePanel::SNode::FNodeSlot* CommentSlot = ChildNode->GetSlot( ENodeZone::TopCenter );
float CommentBubbleY = CommentSlot ? -CommentSlot->Offset.Get().Y : 0.f;
Context.bSelected = bSelected;
TArray<FGraphInformationPopupInfo> Popups;

{ /* why use curly brackets here ? to reduce scope of a function call? */
        ChildNode->GetNodeInfoPopups(&Context, /*out*/ Popups);
for (int32 PopupIndex = 0; PopupIndex < Popups.Num(); ++PopupIndex)
        FGraphInformationPopupInfo& Popup = Popups[PopupIndex];
	PaintComment(Popup.Message, CurWidget.Geometry, MyClippingRect, OutDrawElements, ChildLayerId, Popup.BackgroundColor, /*inout*/ CommentBubbleY, InWidgetStyle);

Another one is that every time i have to check to see if a TArray is empty i have to write this.

TArray<int> Arr;
if (Arr.Num > 0) {}

instead of this

if (!Arr.IsEmpty()) {}

Hi Acu43,

If you ever have some suggestions for fixes or code cleanup, and already have the changes in your own repo, go ahead and put in a pull request for that. That is the best way to provide suggested fixes or features (please try to limit a pull request to a single fix or feature instead of adding a number of fixes or features into a single pull request).

If you don’t already have the code changes necessary for a fix or feature and just want to point it out to us, it would be best to add a post to the AnswerHub in the Bug Report section in the case of a fix, or here in the Feedback forum if you want to suggest a new feature. In the case of any unused variables that you may find, you can treat those as a bug as it is unlikely that it is intentional.