Why Can`t I Move Forward/Backward?

How is it that I cannot move forward or backward by pressing W or D on the keyboard after using the Get MoveForward node ? And how to solve this? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Impossible to answer since no one knows what you’re doing. Maybe you disconnected the wires? Consider attaching a screenshot. What is Get Move Forward node - never seen one, it does not show up for me. Maybe you mean Get Forward Vector or… ?

Get MoveForward - is this something you created yourself, is this your custom input? Sounds like it, no wonder I can’t find it, no one can. Or am I misunderstanding something?

If that’s so, check what values you assigned to it.

This still does not explain what you’re trying to do. There are perfect examples of movement in the templates. Is there a reason why they’re not applicable? How is your movement special, what are you trying to achieve? Asking because you may have a great reason for this.

It`s not a custom input, this node is
just something I find when I search
for it in the blueprint editor. You
should be able to find it by searching
“move forward” and it will pop up
under Input – Axis Values.

To avoid further confusion with this, please do me a favour, go to input settings of your project and check for yourself. You’ll have a custom input there… There’s no such node.

How is it set up? What values are you expecting it to return? This is what I mean:


Sorry for being ambiguous previously. The picture above is a screenshot of the Event Graph of an actor which has hardly any connection with the camera.

So in the picture above, if I disconnect the wire between the ‘Get MoveForward’ node and the ‘Make Vector’ node everything works the way they should, however when they are connected, I cannot actually move my camera(theres no extra camera actor, only the same one as is created alongside an empty new project) forward or backward with W or S. Theres also a ‘Move Right’ node, which, when connected, makes the A key and D key useless in moving the camera left or right. I don`t know why but I guess it has something to do with some project settings or some events that are disabled by default, maybe?

The two nodes can be found under Input – Axis Values when searching a node in the blueprint.

It`s not a custom input, this node is just something I find when I search for it in the blueprint editor. You should be able to find it by searching “move forward” and it will pop up under Input – Axis Values.

What I`m trying to do is to use the newly updated vector from the MakeVector in the pic above to subtract the old one preserved in a variable, and use the output of this subtraction as the input of “Make Rot From X”, the rotation will be added to the actor. This whole operation should not in any way influence the behavior of the camera. So shortly, the movement is actually a rotation, so that when my mouse slice on the actor it will rotate with it.

But I don`t think this is related to the movement of my actor, because just now I checked, things go wrong even when I was merely printing the value of MoveForward with PrintString! But when I employ the MoveForward node in another project things are fine.

And this may be the reason why you are having trouble finding the node: Can't find Input, Axis Event in Blueprints - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

And actually I think I just find a way to evade the occurrence of this issue without sacrificing the usage of the node, just erase the mappings to the keys A, D, W and S and add a new mapping to “none”, you will be able to search for the node without making the A D W S keys useless in moving the camera.

@Everynone sorry for causing you the unnecessary confusion and thank you very much for helping me and taking your time!

You can set it up like this in the picture below I think, it requires adding a mapping by yourself if it isn`t there by default, mine is like this when the project is created, I just erased all the redundant keys under MoveForward and set the only key to none to solve the issue, before I did this there were all sorts of keys like A and D and such under it, which somehow caused the problem:

And after checking other projects I created I find that the default values in the mappings are somehow different for different types of projects, like how in my current project there is MoveForward to begin with but I cannot find OverviewFwdBack anywhere unless I add it myself.