Why can i only see some parts of my mesh from a specific angle?

So most of the time when i try to import a model into unreal it gets bugged out and i can only see certain parts of the geometry from a certain angle. I saw another post about this and tried the solution and it didn’t work so i’m trying to see if there are any other solutions to it. PLEASE HELP ME I’M DYING


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Make sure your normals are consistent.
Does this mesh have solidity of some kind? Or are these faces just planes with no thickness?
If the latter, then they will be transparent from the backside, unless you use a double-sided material.

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Yeah they’re just planes with no thickness
that was what i thought it was at first but it didn’t seem to work
i’ll try it anyway and see what happens

Hey there,

“planes with no thickness” is your issue.
If your geometry does not have thickness and you want to render both sides you’ll need to use a 2-sided shader material as your base type.

Bear in mind, that a single-sided object ( ie no thickness ) cannot have lightmaps as the front and back faces are identical so use the same UV space in the lightmap.



thanks my g this was a big problem with a bunch of my models