Why can I not see the red and green line grid anymore?

Hi there

I have a little problem with the Grid. I don´t see the red and green line anymore. Anyone has an idea what cause this problem, or ist it a Bug with 4.1

I can´t say when the problems start, because i working all the time on one level, where i don´t need the grid.

Hi Inmatic,

I believe you are talking about the grids that are located in the perspective view-port when in a blank map. If so you may have just toggled the G-key. You can also click on Show in the top left of the Perspective View-port and change it from there. If that doesn’t work I would try restarting the editor and then checking the grid settings again.

I hope that helps. If it doesn’t please post a screenshot of exactly what you are having an issue with and we will try to help you find an answer.

Thanks, TJ

The grid shader in version 4.1 was optimized for higher performance and less aliasing than version 4.0. In the process, several features were removed (colored axis lines and 10m-granularity grid lines). The grid shader might evolve further in subsequent versions.

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for answer. This explain it where the axis lines gone :wink: