Why BlackBoardValue Says Invalid And False?

I think my ai do not move towards the sound because the blackboard keys , one says invalid and another says false , i think that is the reason… it should move to the location where sound is heared , here is the photo of BehaviourTree. Look at those 2 keys named “InvestigatePosistion” and “HasHearNoise” its says False and Invalid. so how make them work?

Hi, firstly ive also been looking around and couldn’t find one single answer as to what could be wrong.

however hopefully I can help, firstly the “False” tag on your “HasHearNoise” key isn’t a bad thing, the key is a bool which means in can be either true of false, so its supposed to say false.

secondly if you click on the “Bt_Service_DistanceToObject” inside the selector make sure that under the default tab in the details its set to “Investigate Position”.

and maybe try deleting the space between “Investigate and Position” I’m not sure if that’s a problem but it looks like the only key u created that has a space.