Why badges and titles are restricted to forums and they don't exist on Answerhub?

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit curious about the reason why badges don’t exist on Answerhub?
Me myself, spend more of my time inside Answerhub rather than forums but why badges don’t appear there as well as forums?
I think it would be nice to see badges and titles of those who ask/respond to questions.

Navid Madanian,

I think it’s due to the format of the page being a little different.

Yes the format of the page is different but there is quite free space for these badges to be shown. Like left side of the signature avatar which is totally empty. But for comments, yeah it’s not possible (at least with the current format). Besides, there is no need the badges to be exact as forum badges, a little workaround like changing the size of the badges can make it easily implementable.

For comments I got an idea. We can make a short name for each badge like [MC] for Marketplace Creator or [AS] for AnswerHub Sage etc. And these short names (wrapped with a small similar background box) can be placed on the top bar of each comment (in front of commenter name) one by one.

With this setup, there is no need to make any change to the format of the AnswerHub page. Also adding these badges to the members’ accounts on AnswerHub would be nice as well.

Two completely different software systems that don’t share databases.

You are right I guess. But since they keep recording karma points that each member gain through a week from AnswerHub and then they assign a badge (asnwerhub sage) to members inside forums, they definitely can do the reverse. One more thing, data bases do share some information; like logins. When you log in from forum for instance, you will be logged into AnswerHub as well.

I believe the answerhub badges are handled manually.