Why attend the european Unreal Developer Day?


I’ve posted a similar question on the AnswerHub expecting more visibility from Epic itself, but I would like to know if anybody here has something to say about this.

I’m an italian student and I’m interested in attending the Unreal Developer Day the next April,17th, but I would like to know if you think that’s worth it, from my perspective, worrying about booking travel and accomodation for an half-day event. I was looking for more details about this event, but I found nearly nothing. If I was from UK I would definitely take a train, attend, and be home by the evening, but my situation is very different, and I guess many of you from elsewhere than UK are having the same question.

If anybody has something to say about this, I’m looking forward to read it :slight_smile:

Well I wouldn’t expect much from it… I would like to be there too but it doesn’t sound like it’s worth going through the trouble of finding tickets, booking hotel room (actually you don’t really need a hotel room) etc. just to be there for a few hours (it’s not cheap either :p) but that’s just me, you might enjoy traveling more than I do.
Regardless I think it would be a great opportunity to meet like minded developers and make some connections if nothing else.

Yeah, I think so too…
About the hotel room, you say one doesn’t really need one. Please, tell me that accomodation is provided by Epic xD

No unfortunately xD what I meant was that if you can book your flight at the right time you can go directly to the event and then fly back when done, so you don’t necessarily need to stay at a hotel if you are going to be there for just a few hours.

I wish that would be an option, but airports are not close enough to do so I guess.

They have cookies.

argh, I wish I could go but I have a doctors appointment that day, right at noon. Shame, it’s only an hour or two away by train.

It probably is way easier for people in the UK, and maybe France. Not really a central european location.

It’s not that great for UK people either, since the venue is in the middle of nowhere.

Nearest major airport is East Midlands, and that’s two and a half hours away on public transport (looking at potentially three hours from the venue itself), so I wouldn’t say that was much of an option.

I really wish there was somebody to tell me “hey, you definitely gotta go! there’s this, this and this you can’t really miss!”, but I understand that’s hardly an answer you’d expect for a 4-hour long event :stuck_out_tongue: I still wish somebody from Epic has something to say about this though!

EDIT: also, as I said in my first post, I posted something similar in the AnswerHub, looking for more visibility for Epic, and the fact that none has answered yet after ~24 hours is not reassuring :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi everyone,

The Unreal Developer Day hosted in Stafford will be the first opportunity for new UE4 users in Europe (and those considering using it) to get a half-day in-depth look into UE4 and its essential systems. Posted below are the talks and events planned (these are repeated for both the morning and afternoon schedules).

UE4 Tools and Features Overview (Zak Parrish)
An expanded version of the GDC demo, with more depth on the examples.

Level Design in UE4 (Jim Brown)
This is an expanded version of the original Level Design discussion presented at GDC

Intro to Blueprints (Nick Whiting)
Simple intro to how Blueprints work and setting up some examples

A Whistle Stop Tour of the UE4 Game Framework (James Golding)
James explores the UE4 game framework

Open Q&A and discussion session
Questions and answers with some of the Unreal devs

We look forward to seeing some of you there!


Are these going to be recorded via Twitch or something? As people have said, it’s in the middle of nowhere; It would’ve been much more convenient in London, but I understand why Stafford was chosen.

If we don’t end recording the live sessions I’ll make Zak re-enact them all for publishing on Youtube as soon as he gets back to North Carolina. Pink hair and all!

Cheers Ray!

He has to do mine in an English accent then :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to dig up this old-ish thread however I attended the dev day and was curious to when the release of the recorded videos will be of the presentation with question and answers? there was some useful info that I want to share in the form of a question I asked at the end… :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit* I have just been informed that staffordshire uni still has the raw footage (and that I take from that epic has not received it yet), this is a little strange considering the expense paid to get the devs out here for just a select few to benefit, I would of thought it would be a high-sh priority as there was some very useful presentations and questions asked that people have some miss conception on.

Here you go! :slight_smile: Unreal Developer Day Videos