Why aren't there more Unreal Devs Streaming on Twitch?

Why aren’t there more Unreal Devs Streaming on Twitch?

I’ve been looking on twitch for game development and mostly I use find unity developers, most of them are pretty cool to talk to but when I mention I am learning unreal engine they don’t know much about it, and some very unwilling to learn unreal.

I guess you could say I’m the same way but in reverse unity doesn’t look very appealing to me. I much prefer working in unreal engine its easy to use blueprints and there lots of amazing features in unreal engine.

I do get stuck on things quite often in my learning journey would be nice to have more UE devs around on twitch to ask quick questions apart for the main UE streams.

more questions:

Any have an idea why there is more unity devs then unreal devs streaming?
Are most UE projects NDA and can’t be shown?
Is there other reason not to stream UE?
Am I missing some great UE dev streamers that past me by, someone could share a link to?

Thanks to anyone that takes the time to comment on this, very much appreciate it.

oh by devs I mean people making games with the engine might of needed to clarify that.

I started to find a few more UE streamers now that I asked the question for a long time I couldn’t seem to find any, well if anyone one still would like to chime in on this I still would like hear what people think. Is there more or less UE users on twitch then other engines? and why that might be. or I’m I just bad at looking for the streams?

From what I can tell, they’ve mostly ran an (delayed) webseries on YouTube. Partially because some of the ones are also running an Patreon, on the side. But I think that it’s mostly just to keep things organized.

But to be fair, there’s at least one YouTuber who regularly does an monthly livestream where he tries to recreate an popular game within an total of around 16 hours. And there’s also an dev who goes on about the design process with his upcoming game with UE5 open. As with Twitch, as of this post, I’ve seen 6 to 8 people who are live with Unreal. But this is out of several dozen people and nearly all of them felt like it was something that they’re currently working on instead of it being educational.

I think that it might be something to do more with the choice in platform than anything else. I tried searching on Twitch with the same terms that I used on YouTube and i got an error message telling me to use an different search term

Do you believe there might be a perception among developers that Unreal Engine projects are more likely to be under non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), thus limiting their visibility on streaming platforms? :thinking:

Yeah, it’s likely an NDA thing, especially if they’re working for someone as opposed to just running the show.

But even then, I’m not really sure if running an coding stream isn’t as big of an thing as it to running an webseries or making an announcement about the latest bug fixes