Why arent Subobject references working in UMG?

I’m following along with the 4.8 UMG Inventory tutorial on the youtube channel, and I’m stuck on the third part. I’m trying to bind the percentage of a progress bar to a float coming from C++. When doing it through a normal bind, everything works just fine, but when trying to use a subobject reference as in the video, it does not work. I don’t get any error messages or compile warnings, it just fails.

Illustrated: http://i.imgur.com/AOSGBvX.png

i have the same problem, it work fine if i create a binding myself like you

but i want to do it faster and use my subobject reference, and when i use it, it dont work anymore… no error at all. Just nothing.

Anyones gonna say anything about this? 4.13.2