Why aren't my scripts showing up?

Hey I’m having an issue for some reason when I try importing some scripts I made (by dropping in the source folder & refreshing the project files) they aren’t showing up in the content browser in the actual engine. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to import them in VS and not dropping and dragging in the source folder?

I’m not 100% positive you can do it that way, maybe someone with more experience can chime in. What you can do that will work is create the C++ in the script using the new c++ class button. This will auto generate the files and open up visual studio for you. Then just copy and paste into the .c and .h file

All you need to do to import code is put it in the source folder and build the project (with the editor closed). That’s it. You will also need the neccesary modules and files for UE4 to recognise that the project is indeed a C++ project. It’s easier to just generate a blank C++ project to get those required files.

You should define what you mean by “Script” here. C++ isn’t a scripting language, and you can’t drop any old thing into the folder and expect it to work.