Why aren’t there any options for selecting a class in the Blueprint Details menu with TSubclassOf?

I’ve created a Component called AbilityComponent derived from Actor Component. One of its public variables is TSubclassOf, which is derived from AActor, and it has specifies EditAnywhere and BlueprintReadWrite. The problem is that, in the Blueprints Details thing, when I click on the dropdown to select a class, the only option is none even though I’ve created a new blueprint class derived from AActor. This issue has persisted for several days. I used to have a UAbility class derived from UObject, but the only option for the drop down for that was also “None”. What really irks me is that I was originally was able to see all my options until they randomly stop showing up. I can’t find a solution no matter where I look.

I assume it has something to do with my custom classes, as I’ve exposed a class reference to AActor, and there’s no issues with the drop down for that. Does anyone know what’s happening?

Can you show how you declared the property in header file?