Why are we stuck with the Launcher when it has so many problems?

I believe I mentioned this via email to your EDU department, but I am an adjunct professor and I’ve been asked to start looking into developing a games track for our digital media arts department. I’ve worked with UE in the past and I think it’s fantastic. However, the Epic Launcher is absolutely horrible.

I have never, not once, been able to get UE to install via the launcher on any platform, on any network - FIOS, XFinity, whatever. Using wifi or ethernet - firewall turned completely off - anti-virus turned off, etc., etc. - it never works. UE gets to a certain percentage of install and then stops. In some cases I’ve left it running for over 1 week and nothing happens. The download just goes to 0 and stays there.

Why can’t we get Unreal Engine as a standalone? Why do you force developers and content creators to be locked into the giant DAZ-like platform with it’s silly marketplace?

I have tried the -http=wininet addition. I’ve tried editing the .ini file to change the chunk size. I’ve done all the various proxy workarounds. Nothing ever works.

The error code given is completely useless. If I try clicking on it to get help from the Epic site I get “nothing found”. That kind of support does not instill confidence in a university.

The only way I am ever able to install UE on a machine is to find someone who has managed to get it to work, go to their system physically and copy their install to a thumb drive. Once I’ve copied their files to one of my machines, I am finally able to get the installer to work and after that it updates ok.

Why does Epic saddle people with something so burdensome and unreliable? Is it just a marketing ploy?

Why can’t we download the latest version of Unreal Engine as a standalone and install it ourselves?

The last time I tried to get anyone from Epic to address this, the response I received was something like, “well millions of people enjoy our Launcher every day, so why should we change it?” Again, that kind of stuff doesn’t go over well with a university.

Please just make UE available as a standalone download.

-Paul Griswold
Adjunct Professor
Huntington University