Why are two of my menu elements appearing at the same time?

Hey guys. I’m creating a main menu. I have my hierarchy and blueprints set up properly as far as i can tell, but I’m running into an issue where a button called “Click to start” appears like it should first, and then disappears like it should as well, but is also showing up at the same time as the main menu, which should only appear after the click to start button disappears.

heres an link to imgur with some pictures

UE4 issue pictures

In order:
Picture 1: Main Menu widget hierarchy
Picture 2: Main Menu widget blueprint
Picture 3: level blueprint
Picture 4: final outcome

In the second picture, I have the Main menu disappear when you click on Options so that the option menu appears, and despite the fact that i have the exact same thing set up for the ‘Clicktostart’ button, and it actually does disappear when you click it, it still appears at the same time as the main menu initially.

Any tips would be super appreciated and I can upload more pics if need be. Thanks!!