Why are there random holes/slices in my mesh?

I had posted a full report here on the forums: Random slices/holes in my mesh for no apparent reason? - Asset Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

At any rate, does anyone know why this is happening? (Screenshots are in the link) Or how I can fix it? Please let me know, and thank you!

Hello! This could be happening if you imported your character from a 3rd party program (other than unreal), it could also be that vertices are not connected between faces, leaving holes, also it could be the texturing (assuming you have textured your character). I’m going to send you a you tube video that I used while exporting my 3d model from blender it might help if that is your issue. Blender to Unreal Engine 4 in a Nutshell - YouTube is the first video I used however the video at Blender to UE4 Animation Pipeline - YouTube should help too. I HIGHLY recommend that if it is your model/texture that you follow Sebastian Lague on you tube he is lesser known but his videos helped me a LOT. If you require any other help feel free to contact me.